Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 162, July 16, Portrait on a balcony

Leaving tomorrow for a vacation. Will be back on August 1st (approximately). We would be driving by car to the North of Russia. On the way: Vologda, Archangelsk, Solovky iclands, Kenozero National Park, Kargopol, Yaroslavl. Should be fun and a lot of new pictures!

Уезжаем в отпуск завтра, на машине поедем исследовать Север России. Вернемся в первых числах августа. По пути следования: Вологда, Архангельск, Соловецкие Острова, Кензерский Национальный парк, Каргополь, на обратом пути может еще заедем в Ярославль. Должно быть интересно, ждите новых фотографий!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 158, July 12, Quiet evening

Day 148, Quiet evening, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.
Still very hot in Moscow and a very stuffy air in the city! As though I have a lot of free time these days, but had no stamina to go out and shoot people (which I love always to do). Actually I have been outside in couple of places today and took my camera bag with me as always, but had no luck with something which could caught my attention. So again, I was practising with still life at home today.

Хотел выбраться специально в город, пофотографировать людей. Что то я давно этого не делал (да и вообще, я это дело люблю). Но силы воли не хватило таскаться по Москве в эту жару и духоту. Пару раз вылезал из квартиры по делам, и как обычно взял с собой фото - рюкзак, но удача мне не улыбнулась в этот день. Ничего достойного я не приметил (или плохо смотрел :-). Так что сегодня опять практиковался дома с неодушевленными предметами.

Day 157, July 11, Hay field

Day 157, Hay field, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Day 156, July 10, No way in, no way out

There is only one place here to get in or out and first you have to negotiate with that dog.

Прежде чем выйти или войти, придется провести переговоры с этой собакой.

Day 155, July 9, Hobbit's house

Day 155, Hobbit's house, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Our country house very quickly covered with all that green thing and soon I think it will look like a big and green Hobbit's house :-)

Наш дачный домик обчень быстро зарастает диким виноградом и скоро наверное будет похож на большой и зеленый добик Хоббитов :-)

Day 154, July 8, Empty road

Day 154, Empty road, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 153, July 7, Contemporary music

Composer Sergey Nevsky was my guest yesterday. We were watching football World Cup match Germany - Spain. I used that moment and had a shot of the music he is writing right now. Fortunately he had his scores with him that day.

Day 152, July 6, Cannon from Naarden

That small replica of real cannon I have bought in Netherlands, in the museum of old fortress in Naarden. The same cannons, but real, you can find on the walls of that fortress. There is a link below which brings you to the map of Naarden:

Просмотреть увеличенную карту

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 151, July 5, happy days

Day 151, happy days, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Yesterday we were visiting our kids, they spend summer days with their grandma in a country-side. Seems to be very happy with their simple life in a rural village.