Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 241, October 21, People in a subway

That station appeared couple of times in my blog already, and now again. Good lighting here for shooting and I love these lines.

Day 240, October 20, Old elevator

Day 240, Old elevator, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.
I do not think that it's old elevator actually. This is a new office building which is adjacent to an old textile manufacturing building and stylized as an old one, so they look somehow similar.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 238, October 18, I love my 50mm lens!

It's back from a repare shop! So glad like a kid! ))

Обожаю свой полтинник! Забрал наконец его с ремонта, счастлив как ребенок! ))

Day 237, October 17, firewood

Day 237, firewood, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

I am ready for a winter season in our country house.

Day 236, October 16, Autumn colors

Day 236, Autumn colors, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Autumn colors

Day 235, October 15, a fish

Day 235, a fish, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Trichogaster is a genus of tropical freshwater labyrinth fish of the gourami family. I have four of them, bought quite small about 6 month ago. Now they become bigger and getting more color. Beautiful fish!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 234, October 14, Moscow metro, Revolution Square

This metro station called Revolution Square (Ploshad Revolutziy). Very famous among tourists.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 233, October 13, Metro Prospect Mira

Day 232, October 12, Rainy day in a park

Day 230, October 10, oak leaf

Day 230, oak leaf, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Day 231, October 11, on a windowsill

Day 231, on a windowsill, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Day 229, October 9, Happy Birthday Ksenia!

Day 228, October 8, oak leaves

Day 228, oak leaves, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Day 227, October 7, Georgian restaurant

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 226, October 6, Reflection of time

Had a meeting today in the centre of Moscow and on the way home stopped that place. Week ago noticed these interesting angles and reflections but was in a car and had no time to stop. Today I had an opportunity to scarify half an hour to that place.

Была деловая встреча сегодня в центре Москвы, по пути домой вышел из метро на Белорусской. Неделю назад, проезжал в машине это место, и заметил эти углы, линии, и отражения, решил, что заеду сюда как нибудь ну и вот потратил сегодня пол часика драгоценного времени.

Day 225, October 5, High jump

Day 225, High jump, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.

Part of the Mayakovskaya metro station decoration. I posted a picture of that station before (see below)

Фрагмент станции метро Маяковская с прыгуном. Фотографию самой станции я уже показывал раньше (см. ниже)

Maiakovskaya Metro station

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 224, October 4, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

I did that shot from my car. Had a short stop on a red signal, just anough to press the button.

Сделал этот снимок практически на ходу. Была короткая остановка на светофоре, как раз хватило времени что бы открыть окно и нажать на кнопку.

Day 223, October 3, 21 years together!

Having 21st wedding anniversary on October 3d! Older daughter made a picture right before all of us left to a restaurant to celebrate that event.

3 октября праздновали 21 годовщину нашей свадьбы! Старшая дочь нас фотографировала, как раз перед тем, как все мы поехали в ресторан, отмечать это событие.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 222, October 2, Saturday

Day 222, Saturday, originally uploaded by Andrey Dorokhov.
Have time to drive in a car back and forth with daddy and have fun.

Суббота. Есть время поездить с папой по делам туда - сюда. Весело!

Day 221, October 1, Kremlin. Turn right here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 220, September 30, Walking into Autumn

Had a break from my 365 project due to some hard family issues, but now worst is gone and I am back! Starting my project again, so my year will be a little bit longer ...

Взял вынужденный перерыв от моего ежедневного фото-проекта. Очень сложные семейные обстаятельства, забота о здоровье семьи не оставила места для чего то еще. Но теперь все самое сложное позади, я продолжаю .... просто мой год будет немного длиннее чем он обычно бывает.