Saturday, March 26, 2011

I made it!

Finished the project last month, so now just want to say that it was a wonderful experience! Sometimes not an easy task but in any means - rewarding! I am sure, lots of shots I love most in that project I would not made if I did not tell myself: "I need to do a shot today!!!" :-) And I have a feeling, that I now better know my camera.
Very good way to practice your skills and lot's of fun either!
Sometimes I was just waiting for the next day impatiently to have a next shot of the day! ))

Thank you all for following me for all year!
Commenting and giving me advices!
Without you it will be less fun to do!

Besides that blog, all 365 project pictures placed there:

For those, who wants to continue following me I recommend to do it in another blog: I publish here the best of my pics (for my opinion)

Keep in touch!



  1. Well done Andrey. I have just discovered your blogs and am impressed with your photo subjects. Wonderful all of them. Specially liked the black dog looking around the corner at the camera - Dave

  2. Dave!
    Thank you very much for your attention and comments!